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OAUTH problem

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english only so that developer can follow this discussion. He writes:

There’s really strange situation with opencaching.de. Only with this opencaching instance. I’ve asked for help administrators of it, but unfortunately wasn’t received any response. I’ve created an issue in OKAPI (interface which is used for Opencaching.de<->GeoCaches communication), may be developers of OKAPI will have any idea. If you have GitHub account - please leave some comment on it to state that this issue is really important for us. https://github.com/opencaching/okapi/issues/529
I believe that problem not on side of GeoCaches application, as for other nodes (like opencaching.pl) which use almost same OKAPI implementation - everything works fine.
You also may try to reach someone from opencaching.de administrators/developers and ask them for help (you may send them link to GitHub issue as there’s full description of the problem). I was emailed them and received few replies, but unfortunately at some point they just didn’t replied me.


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Thank you, mic@

I wasn't aware of this ticketing system. I've created account, and 'll observe this issue. Please let me know if any additional information is necessary to solve this.

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