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Reported issues: 10


13:05 OC Entwicklung Revision d06a19cd (oc-server3): Merge pull request #234 from Slini11/0865-sort-search-results
sort search result on search.php updates #865


10:41 OC Entwicklung Revision 7996c09a (oc-server3): Merge pull request #233 from kirstenko/884_red_lock_symbol_locked...
Display the red lock-symbol for caches with status 'locked, invisible'


19:54 OC Entwicklung Revision 8a1c188f (oc-server3): Merge pull request #232 from following5/814-newlogs-oconly
add OConly icons in new logs lists; updates #814


13:27 OC Entwicklung Revision d606febd (oc-server3): Merge pull request #231 from kirstenko/870_nearby_searchable_and_...
updates #870 don't show any disabled caches, when searching for nearby searchable or same type geocaches …
06:30 OC Entwicklung Feature #741: Cachefreigabe nach (freiwilliger) Überprüfung durch den OC-Support
Siggiiiiii schrieb:
> Wenn der Status "Feedback vom OC-Support zum Listing erbeten" ein Status wäre, wo nur der Supp...


18:14 OC Entwicklung Revision f8db4a46 (oc-server3): Merge pull request #230 from following5/881-log-versioning
record log modifications; updates #881


23:04 OC Entwicklung Feature #869 (verworfen): Log-Datum ausblenden auf Wunsch eines Benutzers


16:36 OC Entwicklung Revision bdc84cb8 (oc-server3): Merge pull request #229 from following5/880-stay-in-cachepic-edit...
return to editcache after modifying cache pics; updates #880


21:02 OC Entwicklung Revision b99df107 (oc-server3): Merge pull request #228 from following5/871-navicache-is-dead
discontinue Navicache waypoints in OC listings; updates #871
21:02 OC Entwicklung Revision 03a33be1 (oc-server3): Merge pull request #226 from following5/876-newcaches-en-layout
do not wrap dates in new caches lists; updates #876

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